When I started a Saturday school in Belgium in 2009, little did I know that the little school of approximately 40 children will be a beginning of something completely new and different. The joy I experienced during the Saturdays where the learning was through play and through the children’s senses, was immense. I saw that the methods the researchers have been talking about for decades, worked. To create something bigger became my goal and my passion.

I strongly believe in lifelong learning and I see that the children are born inquisitive, curious, adventurous learners. I wanted a preschool where it would be fostered and encouraged, where children will be excited to come every day. Reggio Emilia approach says that the environment is the third teacher – we wanted an environment where children would thrive, feel loved, and a part of all what’s happening. I believe that learning takes place all the time – not just during the Circle time or the planned activities. I also strongly believe that children should take an active part in planning their activities.

Today we know what constitutes best practices in Early Childhood education, besides, new research findings appear continuously and I strongly believe that we have to implement what we know is the best for our children.

I also strongly believe that I could have never created it without the fantastic team of people who believe that it’s time for our educational system to change. The idea has attracted people who believe that our children deserve better than what we’ve had and who’re ready to put in much more work than what is usually thought “normal” into creating a place where everyone is trying to create something no one has ever seen.

I am – and eternally will – be grateful to my team, my family, and the families of our schools who believe and help our vision to become a reality.


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